Declutter Your Home During Major Life Transitions To Clean Out The Bad And Make Room For The Good

Major transitions provide an opportunity to overhaul your life for the better. Making a big change can be overwhelming, but it also gives you a chance to examine your life and rebuild it in positive ways. If your changes involve doing some decluttering, you may find this to be a great way to improve your overall mental wellness in addition to paring down what you own.

Declutter to simplify your world and boost your well-being

Simplifying life after a difficult time often means sorting through personal belongings. For example, you may be moving away from an ex-partner or buying a place across the country for a new job. Rather than keep everything, take the time to truly declutter. You’ll not only have less to move, but your mental well-being will get a boost and you’ll find yourself saying goodbye to some bad habits.

Clutter can become mentally consuming. It is hard to focus when you are surrounded by too much stuff and many people find themselves feeling irritable and exhausted when they live amid chaos. As you work through your stuff, perhaps putting some things in storage for a while and donating or selling other pieces, you will free yourself up to focus on positive life changes going forward.

U.S. News & World Report notes that people will often find that their anxiety and stress levels decrease when they declutter. Their sense of inner-peace builds and they often feel more relaxed. In addition, you will likely feel more free by taking control of your environment and ridding yourself of baggage, improving your state of mind.

Set the stage for positive changes by clearing out negatives from the past

Keeping only what is truly important to you will likely improve your decision-making skills, focus, and productivity. It is hard to stay positive and motivated to accomplish much if you are surrounded by reminders of negative things in your life, so cleaning house helps to clear your mind. Your creativity and confidence will soar and the sense of accomplishment you develop will spur you to make other positive changes.

Decluttering is a great way to let go of your past and focus on your future. Get rid of items connected to your ex, former job, or stressful family members and focus on keeping only things you love or that motivate and inspire you. You will also want to ditch anything that makes you feel guilty or is connected to bad habits you are trying to break.

Clear out the bad to focus on the good

Mind Body Green suggests getting rid of anything that is not central to the new life you are building. You may face some difficult memories and problems that have been bubbling under the surface as you tackle your decluttering. This can be painful, but it is also healthy for you to face these unpleasant topics and clear them out to make way for positive experiences in your future.

Evaluating what you keep and get rid of can also set the stage for healthier eating and better sleep. For example, if you need to stop eating junk food, declutter your kitchen and you’ll likely feel more motivated to cook healthy foods in the well-organized space. Clear all of the piles of clothes off of your treadmill to gain a spark for exercise again, and your mind and body can better embrace quality rest when your bedroom is a peaceful, clean oasis.

If you find yourself struggling with a much-needed transition in life, like ending a toxic relationship or moving to a new home, embrace the chance to evaluate what is and is not working in your life and make significant changes. Let go of the fears, regrets, and failures that are tied to the clutter in your home and free yourself up for positivity and progress.